General Terms and Conditions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the rental of conference, banquet and exhibition rooms as well as to room reservations and all related hospitality services.

  2. If the service recipient (customer) is not the person making the reservation or the organiser, the contractual partner is the person (booking party) who confirms the reservation of the services listed overleaf and the other associated agreements. The service recipient/hotel guest, the booking party and the organiser shall be jointly and severally liable for all services provided by the hotel. If the reservation arrangements are agreed upon with the person making the reservation (booking party) whereby partial services or the total service are to be paid by the service recipient (customer) in a ‘self-pay agreement’, the aforementioned joint and several liability shall remain unaffected. If the hotel has not received a signed order confirmation, it is entitled to sell the services agreed overleaf to another party. This also applies if a free refund period (option) has been agreed upon. After the expiry of the option date, the reservation becomes binding, and these General Terms and Conditions apply.

  3. Cancellation of room reservations Cancellations are only possible in writing and will be charged as follows: up to 7 days before arrival 0% or free cancellation possible, 6 to 3 days before arrival 50%, from 2 days before arrival 90%, in case of no-show, early departure 90% Cancellation of events The conclusion of this contract obliges the contracting parties to carry out this contract, regardless of the duration of the reservation. The contract can only be terminated unilaterally by the person making the booking under the following conditions: a) Up to 90 calendar days before the event date: free of charge, b) 89-60 days before the event date: 50% of the agreed services (a beverage flat rate per person of 50% applies. of the agreed food sales or conference packages as the basis for invoicing beverage consumption), c) 59-21 days before the event date: 60% of the agreed services (dit.), d) less than 21 days before the event date: 80% of the agreed services (dit.) and e) Cancellations on the day of arrival 100% of the agreed services (see above). If the hotel was not aware of any details regarding food and drinks at the time of cancellation, the full cost of providing exhibitions will be deemed to be the agreed service. In the event of partial cancellation, point 7 of these terms and conditions applies in addition.

  4. The hotel will make every effort to rent out unused rooms to other parties to avoid losses. If this is successful, the customer shall not be obliged to pay the cost in the amount of the rental revenue resulting from the new booking. The customer reserves the right to prove that the hotel suffered a lesser loss. The hotel reserves the right to provide the business partner with rooms of equal value other than those confirmed in the agreement if organisational reasons so require or if the number of event participants deviates from the number of persons booked. The hotel does not assume any organiser liability for external services within the scope of package offers. Unless expressly mentioned, transfer services are generally not included in the corresponding package offers.

  5. The reservation dates are binding for both contracting parties. The hotel reserves the right to rent out the reserved premises to another party if the customer does not arrive by the agreed arrival time on the first day of the reservation date or by 6 p.m. at the latest in the case of room reservations. Reserved premises shall only be available to the service recipient for the agreed period of time. Use of the reserved rooms beyond the agreed period requires the prior consent of the hotel.

  6. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are per person and include the respective statutory VAT. Should an agreement have been made with the customer regarding overnight accommodation conditions, these shall apply exclusively on request and subject to availability. The guaranteed provision of rooms under these conditions is excluded. Any increase in VAT after the conclusion of the contract shall be borne by the service recipient.

  7. The basis for calculating the services listed overleaf is the guaranteed number of persons agreed between the booking party and the hotel. If between the contract’s conclusion and the event’s start, the number of persons falls below this guaranteed number due to cancellations by the customer, point 3 of the General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all services cancelled below the guaranteed number of persons.

  8. The invoice figures of the services overleaf are payable within 10 days of the invoice date, without any deductions and in the currency shown on the invoice. In the event of payment after this date, the hotel may charge interest on arrears at the local current account interest rate.

  9. The hotel shall only be liable for loss of or damage to items brought into the hotel in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of its employees. Insofar as the hotel is liable for third parties, the hotel shall only be liable to the extent that it is at fault. The hotel’s liability is expressly limited to the benefits of the hotel’s liability insurance, and any liability in excess thereof is expressly excluded. The hotel accepts liability for valuables only if they are kept in the hotel safe or handed in at reception after receipt of written confirmation. Liability for damage caused by disturbance or interruption of hotel operations or by force majeure, strike, riot, war, natural events, fire, etc., is excluded. If the premises or rooms of the hotel are rented by the customer for events which clearly offend common decency, in particular in the case of sales and structural sales events or itinerant trade, or if the name of the hotel is misused for advertising purposes without written consent, the hotel is entitled to terminate the contract without notice.

  10. Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the premises. We will retain a cleaning fee of EUR 200 for any contravention and the culprit shall be liable for the cost of any fire service response.

  11. A free parking space is available for guests. Parking is at the owner’s risk.

  12. The Bavarian Beer Garden Law applies on our terraces and at outdoor events.

  13. We advise taking out travel cancellation insurance.

  14. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the contract and the remaining provisions. In the event of the invalidity of individual provisions, the provision that is economically closest to the originally intended provision and is legally permissible shall apply.

  15. Additions, amendments, and subsidiary agreements of any kind shall require the written confirmation of both contracting parties to be legally binding. This also applies to any waiver of the requirement for the written form.

  16. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be Traunstein, Germany.